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Cora's Specials

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Cora's Monthly Favorites
Whether for a weekend brunch, a breakfast meeting or simply sharing a meal with friends or family, many are those charmed by their experience at Chez Cora. Since opening her first restaurant in 1987, Cora has changed the eating habits of an entire generation. Check out the monthly favorites to see what your Cora's is serving!
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Cora's Monthly Favorites
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About Cora's

The adventure began in May 1987, when Cora bought a small diner in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent district. After just a few months of operation, Cora changed the diner mission, making breakfasts her specialty. Combining fruit, cheese, cereal, omelettes, crepes and French toast, culinary magician Cora started a whole new breakfast concept in Quebec. Today, the Cora family includes over 130 franchised restaurants. And the adventure is just beginning!

Cora's Monthly Favorites

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